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My Sacred Heart – Lyric Video


No Surrender

This New Year, go, go, and never stop going until you get what you want,,,,,

Muppet Show – Mahna Mahna m

Happy New Year, 2016 !!!!!!

Bad Boy Blue

Original song performed live over a self-produced backing track, enjoy,,,,

Red Rock

A fanfare for freedom rendered in red,,,,,

Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac

Hell For Leather

Giving it some, and then some more,,,,

Simon Said

Classic psychopop here, a mad meander along the slippery trip into insanity,,,,,

Hair – Aquarius

Epic psychedelically charged soul full of humanistic optimism, gotta love this one,,,,

Love Live Long

The majestic mantras of those chosen few who reject the poisoned parochial prison and curtailed culture of conformity, creed and country for the high hope of whole humanity and the reasoned religion of one willed world. In cheery chants and regal responses of affirmation and affection the precious promises of hidden history are celebrated and consecrated, culminating in fantastical fanfares of future fulfilment. A present expression of antique anthems for the perpetual pursuance of utopian evolution,,,,,

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