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My Sacred Heart – Lyric Video


No Surrender

This New Year, go, go, and never stop going until you get what you want,,,,,

Muppet Show – Mahna Mahna m

Happy New Year, 2016 !!!!!!

Bad Boy Blue

Original song performed live over a self-produced backing track, enjoy,,,,

OutKast – Hey Ya!

A effervescently frothy pop pastiche, catchy, quirky, and fun,,,,

Red Rock

A fanfare for freedom rendered in red,,,,,

Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac

Hell For Leather

Giving it some, and then some more,,,,

Simon Said

Classic psychopop here, a mad meander along the slippery trip into insanity,,,,,

Hair – Aquarius

Epic psychedelically charged soul full of humanistic optimism, gotta love this one,,,,

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