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Mad Moments – Lyric Video

Skirting the edges of sanity in this one,,,,


Pavarotti & Stevie Wonder – Peace Wanted Just To Be Free – live concert

The voice meets the voice! Stevie rises to the occasion in magnificent style, writing a powerfully poignant and appropriate song for world peace, and introducing it with his most beautiful, highly placed tenor voice and facile piano playing. Then going up from brilliance, we have the legendary voice of Pavorotti, generous, warm hearted, golden honeyed. Further singing from Stevie, displaying his incredible, but always tasteful and musical coloratura, then finishing with a tightly controlled harmony of these two magnificent voices, with Pavarotti holding it steady while Stevie reaches the stratosphere of his range, and intones perfect Italian for good measure. An inspiring inspiration, doing its bit to make the world a better place. Let us all sing for World Peace.

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