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Strange Changes

My midsummer’s day song,,,,

Simon Said – Lyric Video

For Real – Lyric Video

Love Live Long – Lyric Video

OutKast – Hey Ya!

A effervescently frothy pop pastiche, catchy, quirky, and fun,,,,

Elvis Presley – CC Rider

The King of Rock ‘n Roll,,,,,,

Nirvana – In Bloom

Ladies and gentlemen, three fine young men from Seattle, they’re thoroughly alright and decent fellas,,,,,

Eric Clapton – Change The World

The mighty Clapton, totally cool and in control, full of subtle nuances and integral expression, technically perfect yet executing his music straight from the heart,  a consummate virtuoso. From warm soul to gutsy blues through smooth lyricism, his world class voice rides the gently epic dynamic development of this dignified song, while his outstandingly complete playing combines strums, leads, pickings, slides, crescendos, and all manner of guitar articulations into an understated artistic extravaganza of florid fantasy. His band are similarly excellent, equalling his mastery with their tasteful and harmonious backing.

Lennon & Maisy – That’s What’s Up

Beautifully sweet music from these charming and talented sisters, the perfect way to cheer your day,,,,,

Let There Be Rock – AC/DC live!!

The apotheosis of Angus, the guitar avatar, the frenetic fretter, the musical monster, the manic man machine, the living legend. A schoolboy superhero, he struts and strides his sweaty stuff, scattering scathing sparks of molten melody to his hungry hoards of adoring acolytes. Backed by the inexorably invincible, stalwartly steady, rough and readily reckoned revving of AC/DC’s rumbling rhythm section, this plucking Prometheus walks the walk while his fiery fingers sting his singing strings to talk the talk. His sharply sheer,intensely incisive, punctuated playing conducts a conduit of elemental expression and ecstatic emotion as he scraps and shapes sonic sculptures of sinewy sound. The acme of articulated ambition, cunning craft, transcendent talent and potent passion is regally reified in this valiant vision of basic blues brilliantly extrapolated into extraordinary extemporisation. For this proudly prodigious performance, for letting there be rock, and for being the one and only, Angus Young, we salute you.

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