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The Revenge Of The Innocent


At first the worst did fall, amid riddle that burst all vitality, stall the hidden forbidden wonder beyond the wall of rude crude intruding reality. Yet upset regret yearned, burned, turned fear to clear idea, here, now, somehow to come from humble diligence, the omnipresence of those brave, grave, chosen saviours,,,,

Shall we dare to care, play fair, smell the spell of Hell, stay well aware, or spill a pop-a-pill thrill to kill our will, stop proper skill still fine to teach each sign, reach the line of shining spirit, fit the bitter fight to ignite the right despite?

The revenge of the innocent, a most excellent boast! A toast to the government deciding, deriding the ultimate trip, the delicate grip of blunt power devouring its tail, the stunted hate-of-the-State failing to steal the proud crowd, appealing aloud to justice remiss, hailing the healing kiss of “Live To Forgive”, the hunted hour of its fatal flower,,,,

Through seductive memes, instructive dreams and destructive schemes you who led the tread of dreaded Dionysian dance hewed dead chance, survived to thrive, driving silent evolution to striving violent revolution, a magic tragic war, the Law a whore no more.

The Devil spoke, awoke the next level of desire, an extra fire to inspire, to start the heartfelt meltdown, drown the empire entire, the broken crown a jagged antique streak, a haggard staggering mouldy old slag. Evil believed achieved the cross of dross, the loss of faith to atheistic histrionics, drastic tonics tossed back-to-the-rap of wacky tacky crap.

While in the street I cheat deceit, begin my kinky beat by the neat neighbourhoods, defeat the “Goods”, the “Shoulds”, the “Woulds If Coulds”, deny the lie, fly high past dry persuasion, fast evasion slyly cast to own the zone, the jealous moan of blame, the smile of shame, the game of style, the zealous trial of precious paradise, the sacrifice of God to an odd archetypal form, the normal ripe rich hype of reason’s trickery, the quick slick wicked kick-of-the-stick,,,,

And so the masquerade must show its trust lost, the dust of frosty word, the musty serenade half heard below the laughing bird of love, ever above the clever shove of quaint restraint, the dainty dazzle of frazzled control held over our roving World Soul,,,,

Like Oedipus one pleads the curse, shocks the universe to strike the wretched drama undone, mocks the star-stretched, scar-sketched Karma thus far run, bleeds the deeds of naked man, the sacred plan with us begun, the dithering, slithering fantasia of crazy what not got gone, the consequential, accidental mess of essential success.


New Future Fantasy – Too Tight


Am I who must gladly do
Struggle through new nuances of sorrow
For tomorrow climb
On borrowed time and karmic crime
Quick to go from slick to slow
Lose the flow of potent inspiration
On frustration cold can I keep hold
With every big bold bite
A proud pathetic plight
To suffer love in spite
Of squeezing me too tight, tight, tight

Am I what I’ve barely got
A little lot of nothing
To string along and sing my song
Get it wrong before once more I’m sure again
Only when such power fills my flower
Will the hour fall that answers all
Conscience call beyond the wall of strain
My proud pathetic pain
I suffer love in vain
To make my meaning plain

To chase the fleeting face of changing chance
The dancing glance of strange desire
Walk the wire
Feed the fire
Bleed each seed away
Embrace the race of dire destiny
Plead the creed each desperate day
Wait for fate long gone astray
Shine divine to colour grey
Live to give in passion’s play

Am I where I care to be
Free to feel the real reveal much mystery
A crazy key of sneaky freaky fantasy
There to share with those that dare
This fun affair of understood confusion
Should illusion turn amusement mad
With every big bad bite
A proud pathetic plight
To suffer love in spite
Of squeezing me too tight
With every big bad bite
A proud pathetic plight
To suffer love in spite
Of squeezing me too tight, tight, tight

The Will – Art Lyric Video

Obsession – Lyric Video

Push Push Push – Lyric Video

A fabulous fantasia of slick psychopop,,,

Love Live Long – Lyric Video

Too Tight – Lyric Video

Finlanda – Jean Sibelius

A mighty tone-poem capturing the grandeur and stark beauty of the composer’s homeland, suitably accompanied by a montage of beautiful images of it’s unspoilt nature,,,,

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