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The Will – Art Lyric Video


Miracles – Lyric Video


Mad Moments – Lyric Video

Skirting the edges of sanity in this one,,,,



When you’ve just got to do it,,,,

For Real

Time to stop dreaming and do it!!!!

Eric Clapton – Change The World

The mighty Clapton, totally cool and in control, full of subtle nuances and integral expression, technically perfect yet executing his music straight from the heart,  a consummate virtuoso. From warm soul to gutsy blues through smooth lyricism, his world class voice rides the gently epic dynamic development of this dignified song, while his outstandingly complete playing combines strums, leads, pickings, slides, crescendos, and all manner of guitar articulations into an understated artistic extravaganza of florid fantasy. His band are similarly excellent, equalling his mastery with their tasteful and harmonious backing.

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