Miracles – Lyric Video



Too Tight – Lyric Video

No Surrender – Lyric Video

A song of determination, devotion and dedication, with real time lyrics,,,,

Mad Moments – Lyric Video

Skirting the edges of sanity in this one,,,,



When you’ve just got to do it,,,,

For Real

Time to stop dreaming and do it!!!!

The Karma Drama – Review by SleepingBagStudios

Jathon Delsy – “The Karma Drama”


Mad Moments

A cunning cornucopia of curt contradictions in this live performance of vocals and guitar over a pre-recorded backing track.

Screaming Females cover Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”

Outstanding lead vocal, full of character and power, carries this minimally arranged live performance.

No Surrender

This New Year, go, go, and never stop going until you get what you want,,,,,

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