Desire’s Dream

An exploration through song of the infinitely seductive dreams of desire, which like will-of-the-wisps flee and vanish ere we close in on them. Through slow steady rhythm and rhyme the softly giddy gyres of lust, ambition, fascination, attraction, and love itself are illustrated by a lazy wanton whimsy. Like chasing one’s own shadow we almost hold that which we are part of, which extends from and expresses our own nature, yet we never quite reach it. But never learning from experience, an always new, novel, unique, and surprisingly satisfying variation on the familiar arrives to continue the eternal charade. And so it goes on.


About jathondelsy

Magic music, psychedelic song, arty anthems, ecstatic expression & poetical passion. Effervescent fantasias & dreams of desire in rhythmic rhyme & mystic melody.

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