Royals – cover by Puddles with the Postmodern Jukebox

Backed by Scott Bradlee’s brilliantly cool and casual band, the awesomely pathetic presence of Puddles the Clown gives a kookily kitsch interpretation of Lorde’s “Royals”, which to my discernment brings out the poetical subtleties and melodic nuances of this clever composition better than the original. Blessed with a powerful and beautiful singing voice, he croons his way through jazzy syncopations, slick slurs and lucid lyricism to grand operatic crescendos of plaintive passion while always maintaining a perfect pitch, easy rhythm and even tone production. His larger than life persona is augmented by his mimicked acting and adroitly sharp movement, and finely finished with his excellent make up and costume. Our Puddles is a talent to be reckoned with, a true virtuoso at his craft. Noble and dignified in his empty isolation, a little lost child in a jumbo body, a guilty conscience of this wicked hypocritical world, he represents an almost spiteful vulnerability that begs to be alone but is too vain to avoid indulgent expression. This whole video is a masterpiece, with Puddle’s hulking humour flanked by the smoothly sultry girls on backing vocals, and supported in this open and balanced musical arrangement by some crisply pert drumming, warm creamy bass and gently lilting tickled ivories. All in all a classy production that is the most eccentrically entertaining piece I have seen for a while.


About jathondelsy

Magic music, psychedelic song, arty anthems, ecstatic expression & poetical passion. Effervescent fantasias & dreams of desire in rhythmic rhyme & mystic melody.

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